Fuck You, Shills!

In the past few months I’ve been contacted by representatives of companies who are under the insane delusion that I Might Like To Mention Their Motherfucking Shitass Product.


That is not how this blog works.

This blog is a reflection of my interests and my contempts.

I don’t like it when some asshole being paid bucks to contact people contacts me in order to fulfill their work quota for the day.

Saying you have or that you represent a product is the fastest way to get on my Fuck You List (oh, there’s room for lots more of you so don’t worry about not making the cut!).

I don’t care what the product is. Fuck off.

If it’s good, I’ll find out about it on my own and maybe mention it.

If it’s not good, consider yourself lucky for my not tearing it to pieces in front of your eyes.

And if it turns out to be a bullshit product with pretensions of value that’s actually masking nothing but shit, I will never ever forgive nor will I ever ever forget.

Just ask Nokia.

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