Writer Jasper Fforde In NYC 7PM Tomorrow, Monday, July 23, 2007

Got in email:

Thursday Next is back — and back — and back !!! (you have to read the book)

Please join us Monday, July 23 at 7:00 pm to welcome Jasper Fforde as he launches his US tour for Thursday Next: First Among Sequels. The newest addition the Nextian Universe canon is fabulous and hilarious and incisive and just all-round wonderful:

First Among Sequels, the 5th Thursday Next caper, starts with a discussion of the National Stupidity Surplus, brought about by the government “discharging their duties with a reckless degree of responsibility that bordered on inspired sagacity.”

And in the Nextian universe, “Only a blunder of staggering proportions would remove the surplus, and the nature of this mind-numbing act of idiocy was a matter of considerable media speculation.”

Sound familiar? Hmmm…

So we thought we’d have a Contest, which many of you have seen on our website. In brief, submit a government policy of idiocy or brilliance and an act of inspired wisdom or reckless stupidity to generally balance it out. Let’s see, what comes to mind? Ban on heterosexual marriage? Immigration from the Jurassic Period?? Congestion incentive payments for Manhattan motorists, with block-the-box triple points?

Email your entry by noon on Sunday(*) to partners@crimepays.com (do NOT reply to this email) and Jasper will select the winners, who will receive a SIGNED first edition of First Among Sequels, along with a Making the World Safe For Fiction button and bumper sticker!

More info at www.crimepays.com.

We look forward to seeing you!

Partners & Crime is located at 44 Greenwich Avenue between 6th and 7th Avenues just south of 11th Street and 7th Avenue; also just north of 10th Street and 6th Ave, corner of Charles. Remember, Greenwich Street may tempt you or your sherpa but there is no Partners & Crime there – Greenwich Avenue only.

Subway directions:
Take the F,V,A,C or E to the West 4th Street station.
Take 1, 2, 3, to 14th Street station.

July 23, 7:00 pm
Event is FREE
Partners & Crime phone: 212-243-0440
web: www.crimepays.com

(*) Bah! I didn’t get to the email until today. Too late for the contest!

When I first saw Fforde at a previous signing (and at this great bookstore too), I loved his sense of independence. The Suits just couldn’t understand that he had absolutely no desire to lease/ rent/ sell the rights to his books for TV/movies.

I don’t know if I can get to this. I’ve missed him the past 2 or 3 times he’s been there. And yes, I’m waaaay behind in my reading. Everything past his first book is in my Infinite Book Queue.

See what the bookstore looks like at the bottom of this prior post.

Update: Dammit, I should get there. I’ll have image storage again soon. I can post photos!


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