(Infectious) Quote Of The Day: Uncov

Mashable Ball-Aches Over Facebook

What is a “new media expert” anyhow? I have no fucking clue, but I am guessing that if you asked this guy to explain social networking, you’d get adjectives like:

* revolutionary
* disruptive
* synergistic
* viral

I know something else that’s revolutionary, disruptive, synergistic, and viral: gonorrhea (well technically it’s bacterial but fuck you if you nitpick that hard). Like Web 2.0, you can get the clap for free, and some providers ask you to pay for the premium service. Penicillin will cure you of one, but the other is degenerative.

How I love this site!! Pulling the Curtain away to reveal that not only is there no Wizard, but the naked old guy behind that dirty and stiff sheet is busy having a wank!


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