The Candice Jarrett Campaign: Part One

From her MySpace blog:

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Current mood: Encouraged

Ok, so after literally years of being told that I need to have a certain image to be successful in the music industry, I decided to do a little experiment. I made a somewhat sexy profile as you may have noticed… and left it up for less than 24 hours before I couldn’t stand it anymore.

So many people in the industry say that the only way to reach an audience is to portray a sexy image: “Sex sells Blah blah blah” – NEWSFLASH! Just because I am a blonde girl in my early twenties who happens to be a singer doesn’t mean I am trying to be a freaking pop star.

I don’t fit that mold. It’s not who I am.

When I looked at that profile, I thought, “This isn’t me, I can’t stand it!” I had the same feeling I had when my favorite folk singer sold out with a trashy pop album a few years back. Disappointed. Angry.

I embrace who I am: a quirky, clumsy, folky singer who doesn’t always say or do the right things… who dresses up as a ninja turtle for halloween and loves rollercoasters, wearing flip flops, and romantic comedies…. and recites Shakespeare and tries to teach herself Italian…. and who sings in the car while driving and laughs at the stupidest jokes…. who loves playing with her dog and the smell of old books.

That is me. Not “the bad girl”, not sexy, not angry, or aggressive. I’m not going to write songs about a no-good-cheating-boyfriend… because I’m not the type of girl to stay with a guy who cheats… or would give that type of guy the time of day to write a song for him. I’m not going to write songs about hooking up at a club or shaking your bon bon… because I don’t identify with that topic… and it’s not my calling to write music like that.

But I DO write songs about beliveing in your dreams, about making a better life for yourself, about breaking hearts, and leaving a better world for our children. I write songs about real people who have touched my life, and songs to help people heal from hurt. I write silly songs to turn a lighthearted smile, songs about second chances and falling in love.

And, I’ll never get tired of writing those songs. I’m standing my ground.

If I change who I am because they tell me I’ll never be successful if I don’t, then I don’t want any part of what they’re offering.

Because if I turn into someone I’m not, none of that success really belongs to ME anyway.

Take that to the top of your charts.

And so, I’ll leave you with some lyrics that fit my mood right now. I know, if you’re reading this – you are a friend or fan… and it means so much that you took the time to read this blog. Thank you.

“I fell asleep in a brave new world.
I woke up a brand new girl.
Who do you think you are to keep putting me down?
Ashes to ashes, we’re all just dust on the ground.”

From “Caged Bird” – a song I wrote two years ago.


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