The Candice Jarrett Campaign: Part Two

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

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Images of sickeningly thin supermodels (whose ribs are being airbrushed out of the photos) are poisoning women against ourselves: But behind that megawatt smile, her disease is slowly destroying not only her body, but also shattering the self esteem of teenage girls who believe in order to be beautiful, they have to look like the supermodel.

Two supermodels died last year from complications due to eating disorders. These were 22 and 23 year old women who died from Cardiac and Renal failure. And yet, in London, people who had the power to change this held a meeting and voted AGAINST a minimum body fat percentage for runway models.

So, I’m just going to say it:


The self esteem of our daughters and granddaughters is at stake, we’ve got to start reaching out to them about this. We have to redefine “beautiful.”

I have been pressured many times during my music career…. Told repeatedly that I needed to loose weight in order to be more successful… (I wrote a blog called, “Who do you think you are?” addressing the music industry’s expectations of women.)

And now, when I think back on those years of my life I spent agonizing over not being “thin enough” for… prom… or the first day of school… or a wedding… or to impress someone else…. I am so disappointed in myself for literally WASTING precious minutes of my life because I let someone else make me feel inferior…. But I’m not alone: it’s happening over and over again to girls and women everywhere.

Nothing will change unless we change it: and we’ve got to start right at the clothing stores where we are bombarded with giant ads in the windows of super-thin models… on top of that, once we actually get into the store, the mannequins are size zeros.

Clothes should come in all shapes and sizes, because


Department store mannequins are wearing size 0 clothing…. And did you notice they pin the shirts to the mannequin to make them even smaller? Why don’t they just put the clothes on popsicle sticks and get it over with?

I want to do something about this… and so, I am going to use my voice, my experiences, my mailing lists, websites, blogs, and now almost 12,000 myspace friends to make this heard… to do my part to try to change this twisted perception on beauty so that my daughters won’t have to live in a world where anorexia is held in high esteem… and where girls feel like in order to be beautiful, they have to conform to someone else’s sick perception of what is attractive.

So, I would like to start a campaign on myspace and youtube called “Beauty is NOT a Dress Size” …. And I’m going to need your help to make this happen. I am going to make a video featuring YOU…real people, so that we can start a new trend: the eating disorder look is out: the beauty of real women is in!!!!

Please take videos or pictures of yourselves holding signs that say something about real beauty…. for example, your sign could say “I am Beautiful.” or “My eyes are beautiful” or “Kindness is Beautiful”…or you can have a group picture with a sign saying “Best Friends are Beautiful”…. be creative!!!! You can send as many photos as you like! All ages are welcome, and men are welcome to submit too! Please pass this on to as many people as you can. I will be posting the completed video on my myspace profile along with the code for other people to post it on theirs.

Send your photos as attachments to

If you would like to send a video clip to be included, please upload it to and send me the link to the video by contacting me through my myspace profile.

The quote below is from a former supermodel who almost died from Anorexia. She is now one of the spokespeople for The National Eating Disorders Association.

“We are far more than this body. We come in every shape and size. Our differences are to be embraced and celebrated. By honoring the differences in ourselves we learn to honor and be compassionate towards others.

When I think of the women I admire it is for their strength, courage, resilience, and intellect. This is truly where beauty lies.” – Carré Otis, former Supermodel

I would like to invite you to share your stories as responses to this blog. Thank you for taking the time to read this! Let’s make a difference together.

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