Quaker Oats Hides In Its Foxhole

July 24, 2007

No more email luv from them.

The marketing and legal teams are probably — hopefully! — having conniptions.

I don’t think you guys want this headline appearing on the AP newswire and Drudge:

Quaker Oats Gets Blog Shut Down

Surrender now.

Meanwhile, I snagged six more boxes last night.

Photographic proof when the PayPal squirrels have stopped partying on my dime. No fund clearance as of 4:40PM EDST.

Blog closed for today. Stop that sigh of relief!

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Fasten Your Seatbelts. Then Pray.

July 24, 2007

Dollar Falls to Record Against Euro as Credit Concern Spreads

July 24 (Bloomberg) — The dollar declined to a record against the euro and weakened to a 26-year low versus the pound on speculation the rout in subprime mortgages is spreading, slowing U.S. growth.

The currency’s drop accelerated after Countrywide Financial Corp., the biggest U.S. mortgage lender, reported a third straight quarterly earnings decline as more consumers fell behind on home equity loan payments. The yen gained versus all but one of the 16 most actively traded currencies as U.S. stocks fell and traders pared carry trades in which they borrow in the yen to invest in higher-yielding assets.

“The Countrywide report simply added to the dollar selling,” said Tom Fitzpatrick, global head of currency strategy in New York at Citigroup Global Markets Inc. “The concern is that we are starting to see the subprime issues spread into the credit market, which will knock on growth.”

What, you think there will be a big government bailout like there was for the S&Ls? With what money?

Don’t you realize we’re being financed by China? (In the 1980s and into part of the 1990s, it was Japan.)

How long before the music stops and we find we don’t have any chair to sit on?

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Hey, Rupert Murdoch, You Slag! Fix MySpace!

July 24, 2007

Sorry! an unexpected error has occurred.

This error has been forwarded to MySpace’s technical group.

This is all I’m getting this afternoon, over and over and over and over.

And after I told people they should join!

You embarrass me like this?

But then, why should I really expect it to work correctly now that you own it? You’re a leech, who sucks things dry. Open your goddam wallet, zombie, and get these bugs fixed!

3PM EDST: No PayPal Squirrels

July 24, 2007

See? I said they wouldn’t get it done before I shut down the blog! I’ll probably be doing that in less than an hour.

Get. It. Done. PayPal!

I want my image storage! I better have it tomorrow!

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The Perfects: Live At The Annex, Saturday July 21, 2007

July 24, 2007

The Perfects is a band I ran across on MySpace. I never would have found them using a service such as Pandora. Their music falls outside of the criteria I’d use to filter through music. On their MySpace page, they describe themselves as a band doing “New Wave/ Electro/ Rock.” Those really aren’t categories I’d name as my music preferences.

On MySpace, they offer the following songs to hear:

Crystal Ball

and a cover of Duran Duran‘s Hungry Like the Wolf

The day I went to their MySpace page, the music player was acting up (sadly, it often does this!) and I couldn’t hear Shipwrecked. So I went to Bittersweet — and that song hooked me.

Rock star with the big-assed ego
No reason for the gloat
Just take a look in the mirror
To see the running joke

It’s also the first song I’ve heard mention a certain bit of popular tech:

Number one in your iPod fantasy

Some of you out there might think this lyric applies to me:

How does it feel to be alone?
How does it feel to be a fool?
Is this what you wanted?
Is this what you planned?

In your dreams.

The song had a dangerous sharpness in its lyrics that I liked. Its cutting commentary appealed to me. I went on to listen to the other songs. I liked those too.

Then I saw that in less than a week they’d be coming to New York City to play at The Annex. I debated with myself for days as to whether or not I would go. I’d budgeted some pfennigs to get Warren Ellis’s first novel. I was still debating just three hours before the show was due to start on Saturday! Ultimately, I decided to go. Ellis’s book would still be available in New York City in the days ahead, but The Perfects would only be here that night.

Unfortunately, I didn’t bring a camera with me. This photo on their MySpace page shows the five band members I saw Saturday night.

They played six songs (listed, thankfully, on an available flyer):

Many Nights Awake
The Hidden
Crystal Ball

The first interesting thing to me was that the MySpace recordings have female backing [update: Nope! Ric has assured me that all the voices are his!]. In person, having seen Vicky in the band photos, I thought she’d be doing backing [update: that’s before, of course, Ric explained he did all the vocals! What a range!]. She didn’t! She played bass guitar and that was it.

The second interesting thing is they brought along their own lighting effect! One of those rotating spheres that puts out light, seen in this MySpace photo.

All singing was done solo by Ric. And, man, did he wail it out! I’d never seen anyone sing with such intensity before. He put his body and soul into it.

It was a great performance and I was glad I went. Due to the weekend ferry schedule, I had to run right after the show so I didn’t get to speak to anyone. I did manage to tell Ric I’d just heard the band on MySpace a few days earlier and decided to see them in person.

Before I left, I made sure to buy their CD. It has five songs on it:

Crystal Ball

A track I’d never heard before! It’s as strong as all the rest. Go check out The Perfects. You might like them too. They’re just one of the many bands you can find by being on MySpace. And when you find music you like, buy it from the band! Support non-Corporate independent music. It’s the best!

Why You Should Be On MySpace

July 24, 2007

Yeah, imagine me, who hates Rupert Murdoch, advocating that you should be in his MySpace!

But you should!

Because that’s where the music is now.

With internet radio still under threat of extinction from rapacious licensing fees, a service like Pandora can disappear within a few day’s notice.

Then what do you do online to find music?


It’s a Do It Yourself version of Pandora. And, in fact, can be better than Pandora for finding music you’ll like.

Pandora introduced me to The Muffs. But bands I’ve found on MySpace would have never cropped up in Pandora for two key reasons:

1) Many are not signed to a record label and, more importantly,

2) They fall outside the criteria I used to set up my Pandora preferences.

That second point is particularly revealing: How can I know what I like until I’ve heard it?

I’m not about to turn on the radio ever again. I can’t stand (c)rap music. And I really don’t want to run into the latest crop of Corporate Clones: the Britneys, the Avrils, etc. Why should I have to wade through stuff that will drive me mad in order to trip across the one gem buried in a field of garbage? There’s no Fast Forwarding with radio. There’s no listening for a few seconds, having my ears assaulted by ungodly noise, and quickly moving onto to something else.

But you can do that with MySpace.

You can start at my MySpace page and click on the bands listed as my Friends. Once you find a band you like, look at their Friends and click on them. The chances are good that you’ll find more music to like.

That’s exactly how I found a band I went to see play live this past weekend. Hopping from one band’s Friends to another.

And that’s why you should be on MySpace: for the music.

Planetakis Shows Other Bands How To Do It

July 24, 2007

Now this is how a band should do a website!

Not only does it play the track, but the complete lyrics are right there to see and follow along.

Every band doesn’t have to put all of their tracks online in this fashion, but for crying out loud, at least publish your lyrics! What’s the point of having lyrics if you won’t print them so listening ambiguities can be resolved?

Bravo to Planetakis!

Hey, PayPal! Where Are Those Squirrels, Dammit?

July 24, 2007

Closing in on 1PM EDST and PayPal still hasn’t credited my account (which is now the most-targeted for hacking ever!).

Still no image storage.

I can tell exactly what will happen: five minutes before I shut down the blog for the day, I will check and see that PayPal’s squirrels have finally deposited my money.

Too bloody late!

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Lesley Gore Has New Songs

July 24, 2007

The daily getTRIO.com newsletter brings this:

“You know what Im going to say when people ask me what Ive been doing for 30 years? ‘Practicing.'”

It was her party in 1963, but at 61 Lesley Gore’s ditched the Sandra Dee flip and — after quietly honing her musical craft out of the spotlight, as she wryly suggests in the quote above — is gaining fans anew. The New Jersey native (and former Quincy Jones protegée) has been playing club gigs of late, performing material from “Ever Since,” her first album in more than two decades.

At one such show recently in New York, we were mesmerized by her voice (think Marianne Faithfull and latter-day Joni Mitchell), by her spare, almost haunting arrangements (on new songs, but also on retreaded hits like “You Don’t Know Me” or “On My Own,” penned with her brother for the movie Fame) and by the lady herself — in such clear and full possession of her talent, yet still seeking, experimenting and learning.

Lesley Gore website (have the volume down; MP3s start playing immediately)
Lesley Gore’s latest album at iTunes Store (link will launch iTunes software)

Reference: Google Video On iPhone

July 24, 2007

Google Video on your iPhone

Really, I kick myself for not realizing this! I could have tested it during my extended fondle.

For those similarly retarded, here’s some Google Video goodies to molest on your iPhone:

The Greatest Feat In The History Of Mankind
Google Video: Free Documentaries
Google Video: Two Gerry Anderson
Thunderbirds: Origins On Google Video
Gerry Anderson: Origins On Google Video
“Oh My God, There’s No More World Trade Center.”

Once Apple does its massive software update, this stuff can be saved directly onto the iPhone. Look at that: no desktop required. Suddenly the idea of The Cloud becomes real…