Hey, PayPal! Where Are Those Squirrels, Dammit?

July 24, 2007

Closing in on 1PM EDST and PayPal still hasn’t credited my account (which is now the most-targeted for hacking ever!).

Still no image storage.

I can tell exactly what will happen: five minutes before I shut down the blog for the day, I will check and see that PayPal’s squirrels have finally deposited my money.

Too bloody late!

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Lesley Gore Has New Songs

July 24, 2007

The daily getTRIO.com newsletter brings this:

“You know what Im going to say when people ask me what Ive been doing for 30 years? ‘Practicing.'”

It was her party in 1963, but at 61 Lesley Gore’s ditched the Sandra Dee flip and — after quietly honing her musical craft out of the spotlight, as she wryly suggests in the quote above — is gaining fans anew. The New Jersey native (and former Quincy Jones protegée) has been playing club gigs of late, performing material from “Ever Since,” her first album in more than two decades.

At one such show recently in New York, we were mesmerized by her voice (think Marianne Faithfull and latter-day Joni Mitchell), by her spare, almost haunting arrangements (on new songs, but also on retreaded hits like “You Don’t Know Me” or “On My Own,” penned with her brother for the movie Fame) and by the lady herself — in such clear and full possession of her talent, yet still seeking, experimenting and learning.

Lesley Gore website (have the volume down; MP3s start playing immediately)
Lesley Gore’s latest album at iTunes Store (link will launch iTunes software)

Reference: Google Video On iPhone

July 24, 2007

Google Video on your iPhone

Really, I kick myself for not realizing this! I could have tested it during my extended fondle.

For those similarly retarded, here’s some Google Video goodies to molest on your iPhone:

The Greatest Feat In The History Of Mankind
Google Video: Free Documentaries
Google Video: Two Gerry Anderson
Thunderbirds: Origins On Google Video
Gerry Anderson: Origins On Google Video
“Oh My God, There’s No More World Trade Center.”

Once Apple does its massive software update, this stuff can be saved directly onto the iPhone. Look at that: no desktop required. Suddenly the idea of The Cloud becomes real…

4/19/06: Unforgotten

July 24, 2007

I dreamt you
I drew you
Long before I thought
That I might never find you

Lesley Gore, lyrics to Ever Since

Homeland Security: Making Us Safer Or Just More Stupid?

July 24, 2007

LSD as Therapy? Write about It, Get Barred from US

Andrew Feldmar, a well-known Vancouver psychotherapist, rolled up to the Blaine border crossing last summer as he had hundreds of times in his career. At 66, his gray hair, neat beard, and rimless glasses give him the look of a seasoned intellectual. He handed his passport to the U.S. border guard and relaxed, thinking he would soon be with an old friend in Seattle. The border guard turned to his computer and googled “Andrew Feldmar.”

The psychotherapist’s world was about to turn upside down.

Born in Hungary to Jewish parents as the Nazis were rising to power, Feldmar was hidden from the Nazis during the Holocaust when he was three years old, after his parents were condemned to Auschwitz. Miraculously, his parents both returned alive and in 1945 Hungary was liberated by the Russian army. Feldmar escaped from communist Hungary in 1956 when he was 16 and immigrated to Canada. He has been married to Meredith Feldmar, an artist, for 37 years, and they live in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood. They have two children, Soma, 33, who lives in Denver, and Marcel, 36, a resident of L.A. Highly respected in his field, Feldmar has been travelling to the U.S. for work and to see his family five or six times a year. He has worked for the UN, in Sarajevo and in Minsk with Chernobyl victims.

Hey, guess what? The terrorist bastards have won! They’ve destroyed America. We’re no longer that country.

And don’t get the idea I’m a druggie advocate. Not after —

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I Told You, Microsoft. Zune Is For Losers.

July 24, 2007

How much more proof do you need?

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Quote Of The Day: Retarded Edition

July 24, 2007

Some loser gutless wanker with the name of Brian (whose parents apparently thought that if they give him a name that was an anagram of brain he’d, you know, outgrow his obvious-at-birth mental difficulties):

Rattling the hornet’s nest has its immediate gratifications, but, eh, nobody ever wins by making “I’m pissed-off and bitter” his public position.

Watch me, motherfucker.

Keep score on Nokia and Quaker Oats.

My agenda is long. So how about you just shut the fuck up, stand there, wait, and watch? But don’t try it yourself. You would fail.