The Perfects: Live At The Annex, Saturday July 21, 2007

The Perfects is a band I ran across on MySpace. I never would have found them using a service such as Pandora. Their music falls outside of the criteria I’d use to filter through music. On their MySpace page, they describe themselves as a band doing “New Wave/ Electro/ Rock.” Those really aren’t categories I’d name as my music preferences.

On MySpace, they offer the following songs to hear:

Crystal Ball

and a cover of Duran Duran‘s Hungry Like the Wolf

The day I went to their MySpace page, the music player was acting up (sadly, it often does this!) and I couldn’t hear Shipwrecked. So I went to Bittersweet — and that song hooked me.

Rock star with the big-assed ego
No reason for the gloat
Just take a look in the mirror
To see the running joke

It’s also the first song I’ve heard mention a certain bit of popular tech:

Number one in your iPod fantasy

Some of you out there might think this lyric applies to me:

How does it feel to be alone?
How does it feel to be a fool?
Is this what you wanted?
Is this what you planned?

In your dreams.

The song had a dangerous sharpness in its lyrics that I liked. Its cutting commentary appealed to me. I went on to listen to the other songs. I liked those too.

Then I saw that in less than a week they’d be coming to New York City to play at The Annex. I debated with myself for days as to whether or not I would go. I’d budgeted some pfennigs to get Warren Ellis’s first novel. I was still debating just three hours before the show was due to start on Saturday! Ultimately, I decided to go. Ellis’s book would still be available in New York City in the days ahead, but The Perfects would only be here that night.

Unfortunately, I didn’t bring a camera with me. This photo on their MySpace page shows the five band members I saw Saturday night.

They played six songs (listed, thankfully, on an available flyer):

Many Nights Awake
The Hidden
Crystal Ball

The first interesting thing to me was that the MySpace recordings have female backing [update: Nope! Ric has assured me that all the voices are his!]. In person, having seen Vicky in the band photos, I thought she’d be doing backing [update: that’s before, of course, Ric explained he did all the vocals! What a range!]. She didn’t! She played bass guitar and that was it.

The second interesting thing is they brought along their own lighting effect! One of those rotating spheres that puts out light, seen in this MySpace photo.

All singing was done solo by Ric. And, man, did he wail it out! I’d never seen anyone sing with such intensity before. He put his body and soul into it.

It was a great performance and I was glad I went. Due to the weekend ferry schedule, I had to run right after the show so I didn’t get to speak to anyone. I did manage to tell Ric I’d just heard the band on MySpace a few days earlier and decided to see them in person.

Before I left, I made sure to buy their CD. It has five songs on it:

Crystal Ball

A track I’d never heard before! It’s as strong as all the rest. Go check out The Perfects. You might like them too. They’re just one of the many bands you can find by being on MySpace. And when you find music you like, buy it from the band! Support non-Corporate independent music. It’s the best!

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