Why You Should Be On MySpace

Yeah, imagine me, who hates Rupert Murdoch, advocating that you should be in his MySpace!

But you should!

Because that’s where the music is now.

With internet radio still under threat of extinction from rapacious licensing fees, a service like Pandora can disappear within a few day’s notice.

Then what do you do online to find music?


It’s a Do It Yourself version of Pandora. And, in fact, can be better than Pandora for finding music you’ll like.

Pandora introduced me to The Muffs. But bands I’ve found on MySpace would have never cropped up in Pandora for two key reasons:

1) Many are not signed to a record label and, more importantly,

2) They fall outside the criteria I used to set up my Pandora preferences.

That second point is particularly revealing: How can I know what I like until I’ve heard it?

I’m not about to turn on the radio ever again. I can’t stand (c)rap music. And I really don’t want to run into the latest crop of Corporate Clones: the Britneys, the Avrils, etc. Why should I have to wade through stuff that will drive me mad in order to trip across the one gem buried in a field of garbage? There’s no Fast Forwarding with radio. There’s no listening for a few seconds, having my ears assaulted by ungodly noise, and quickly moving onto to something else.

But you can do that with MySpace.

You can start at my MySpace page and click on the bands listed as my Friends. Once you find a band you like, look at their Friends and click on them. The chances are good that you’ll find more music to like.

That’s exactly how I found a band I went to see play live this past weekend. Hopping from one band’s Friends to another.

And that’s why you should be on MySpace: for the music.

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