Photo Album: Proof Of My Anti-Photographic Ability

July 26, 2007

Just how bad a photograph can I wind up taking?



Co-Producer/Co-Songwriter of Girls Don’t Cry Richard Berg in conference with musician/singer Hannah Fairlight. Photo taken Wednesday July 25, 2007 at McCarren Park.

What you don’t really see until I move in:


I managed to align a streetlamp in the background with the tip of her nose! Hannah ala Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!

I should never be trusted with a camera… any good pictures I take are purely coincidental.

Photos of the Girls at the Park coming soon.

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Photo Album: Writer Jasper Fforde

July 26, 2007

Writer Jasper Fforde at Partners & Crime bookstore in NYC on June 23, 2007. Prior post of that event.

Partners does its usual fine window display for a visiting author.

Fforde being introduced by one of the Partners.

Fforde starts out with instructions on how to handle a book…

… with assistance from the lovely Mavis (I mean Mary!).

Fforde explained that he’d rather not have his books turned into movies or TV series because they are books as books, with things that only book lovers can appreciate and understand. The money factor is second.

Answering questions from the audience. One young girl asked about twenty-seven billion questions, upsetting one curmudgeon (believe it or not, I was not that crank!).

Answering questions.

“Didn’t Barry Eisler sit in that chair?” (No, he didn’t really say that. Sorry, Barry!)

I got there about ten minutes before the start of the signing. The place was packed. I think over 100 people were squeeeeezed in there, gasping for air, and sweating. My photos are particularly awful this time because I was all the way in the back. Once Fforde was through with the talk and Q&A, I left. I figured that with the crowd, it’d take me an hour to get to the front to get a signing picture. Sorry, Jasper, but I needed outside air!

If Fforde ever appears in your area:

1) Drop everything to see him
2) Get there earlier than humanly possible
3) Bring a tank of oxygen

Just Click The Damn Link

July 26, 2007

What YouTube Did To Me


David Lynch Hate Me

July 26, 2007

Yes, that David Lynch.

On July 14, I asked to be added as a MySpace Friend.

Still no reply.

And me, a huge fan of Eraserhead and The Elephant Man and — oh my god! — Dune (among others).

It’s not like I want to bug him with messages or anything. I just want his icon in my Friends area. Hey, Morrissey is there! So is Shirley Bassey!

Keep Your Damn Social Disease To Yourself

July 26, 2007

Study: Obesity Is ‘Socially Contagious’

If your friends and family get fat, chances are you will too, researchers report in a startling new study that suggests obesity is “socially contagious” and can spread easily from person to person.

The large, federally funded study found that to be true even if your loved ones lived far away. Social ties seemed to play a surprisingly strong role, even more than genes are known to do.

“We were stunned to find that friends who are hundreds of miles away have just as much impact on a person’s weight status as friends who are right next door,” said co-author James Fowler of the University of California, San Diego.


Obesity experts not involved in the research said the results back up what they have suspected all along – that people look toward one another for what is an acceptable weight.

“If you’re just a little bit heavy and everyone around you is quite heavier, you will feel good when you look in a mirror,” said Dr. David Katz, director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center.

This is an interesting bit:

Despite their findings, the researchers said people should not sever their relationships.

“There is a ton of research that suggest that having more friends makes you healthier,” Fowler said. “So the last thing that you want to do is get rid of any of your friends.”

Well now wait a minute there. If these people were drunks or drug addicts, the first thing they’d be told is to stop associating with other drunks and druggies. Yet here they are not being told that.

Something is screwy here.

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Who Are You Kidding, Billionaire Bloomberg?

July 26, 2007

Bloomberg Speaks Out About ‘Immobilized’ America

“We have too much crime on the streets,” he said on “Good Morning America.” “People are getting killed throughout the country. We have an education system that’s not educating everybody. That’s detrimental to the whole country, including the people who are left behind.”

This from a guy who wants to screw the shit out of people trying to make a living against a behemoth entrenched industry.

Instant Blog Flashback:

Dear Mayor Billionaire Bloomberg And City Council Millionaires: Kiss My Ass, You Corporate Tool Motherfuckers! in which a news article states:

Some tourists, amateur photographers, even would-be filmmakers hoping to make it big on YouTube could soon be forced to obtain a city permit and $1 million in liability insurance before taking pictures or filming on city property, including sidewalks.

And I react:

What the fuck is this?

I’ll tell you what this is: The monopolizing of public space in service of an entrenched entertainment industry that knows it’s going to be shut down by a Writers Guild strike (strike, goddammit, strike!) and wants to pre-emptively kill all possible low-budget competition that you can bet your ass will emerge on YouTube and other Internet video sites!

Too much crime in the streets? How about the crime of what you intend to perpetrate? Straighten out your own damned office before you go around preaching to others.

Blog Notes: I Did It When I Wasn’t Looking

July 26, 2007

This is the 2,005th post here.

This one was the big 2,000.

(Second) Quote Of The Day: GDC @ WR2R

July 26, 2007

Organizers of the Women’s Right To Rock – Women’s Music Festival posting on the Girls Don’t Cry MySpace page:

An AMAZING Band !!!! What a Show !!!!
GDC were the FIRST “All-Female Band” to ROCK The Women’s Music Festival and STOLE THE WEEKEND ! GDC @ WR2R 2008 ?

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On The Internet, Telling The Truth Becomes Imaginary

July 26, 2007

Imagine this: Straight talk on the housing market

Reading word of the debacle at class-act mortgage lender Countrywide (CFC), I couldn’t help thinking about a fascinating interview my colleague Jon Birger did recently with Bob Toll, eternal optimist and CEO of luxury home builder Toll Brothers (TOL). When I read the Q&A in the magazine, I was struck by how there seemed to be a sub-text to everything Toll said, a sort of What-He-Says versus What-He’d-Say-If-You-Injected-Him-With-Truth-Serum. So with apologies to Jon and Bob, here is an imagined annotation to Toll’s responses, were he being more candid than the situtation allowed. (To read the full interview, follow the link above. I’ve edited it for space below. The bold are Birger’s questions, the plain text are Toll’s published answers, and the bit in italics is my contribution.)

Also remember:

* Microsoft makes the best products
* Zune will crush iPod
* People who are MVPs are unbiased and trustworthy

My Cat Will Kill Me For That Last Post

July 26, 2007

I will only have myself to blame if I wake up dead tomorrow.