(First) Quote Of The Day: GracefulFlavor

AAPL en fuego.

What else is there? Just another fantastic performance by what might be the best management team in technology. Does this make me a fanboy? Do I see the world through Apple-goggles? Let me put it this way: whether you love or hate or are just indifferent to Apple, if you chose not to recognize the financial performance that’s going on, quarter-after-quarter, then you’re a moron. What we have here is a company at the top of its game, a stock that has a huge emotional/speculative bias towards it and a management team that knows how to trickle the PR/news out just right to keep the engine humming on all twelve.

If I were going to buy my son 10 shares of any stock that he’ll hold until he’s 18, Apple would be on the short list. It might be the short list.

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