On The Internet, Telling The Truth Becomes Imaginary

Imagine this: Straight talk on the housing market

Reading word of the debacle at class-act mortgage lender Countrywide (CFC), I couldn’t help thinking about a fascinating interview my colleague Jon Birger did recently with Bob Toll, eternal optimist and CEO of luxury home builder Toll Brothers (TOL). When I read the Q&A in the magazine, I was struck by how there seemed to be a sub-text to everything Toll said, a sort of What-He-Says versus What-He’d-Say-If-You-Injected-Him-With-Truth-Serum. So with apologies to Jon and Bob, here is an imagined annotation to Toll’s responses, were he being more candid than the situtation allowed. (To read the full interview, follow the link above. I’ve edited it for space below. The bold are Birger’s questions, the plain text are Toll’s published answers, and the bit in italics is my contribution.)

Also remember:

* Microsoft makes the best products
* Zune will crush iPod
* People who are MVPs are unbiased and trustworthy

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