Photo Album: Writer Jasper Fforde

Writer Jasper Fforde at Partners & Crime bookstore in NYC on June 23, 2007. Prior post of that event.

Partners does its usual fine window display for a visiting author.

Fforde being introduced by one of the Partners.

Fforde starts out with instructions on how to handle a book…

… with assistance from the lovely Mavis (I mean Mary!).

Fforde explained that he’d rather not have his books turned into movies or TV series because they are books as books, with things that only book lovers can appreciate and understand. The money factor is second.

Answering questions from the audience. One young girl asked about twenty-seven billion questions, upsetting one curmudgeon (believe it or not, I was not that crank!).

Answering questions.

“Didn’t Barry Eisler sit in that chair?” (No, he didn’t really say that. Sorry, Barry!)

I got there about ten minutes before the start of the signing. The place was packed. I think over 100 people were squeeeeezed in there, gasping for air, and sweating. My photos are particularly awful this time because I was all the way in the back. Once Fforde was through with the talk and Q&A, I left. I figured that with the crowd, it’d take me an hour to get to the front to get a signing picture. Sorry, Jasper, but I needed outside air!

If Fforde ever appears in your area:

1) Drop everything to see him
2) Get there earlier than humanly possible
3) Bring a tank of oxygen

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