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July 28, 2007

Foldera Getting Ready To Go Tits Up

In this same statement, it was revealed that Foldera was burning $650,000 per month. That’s right. These fucktards were spending $7.8 million per year to make a web app that organizes files and calendars and shit.


So I guess the end lesson here is that businesses aren’t willing to pay for a service where employees can keep confidential files & calendars on someone else’s servers, without a sysop that you can wake up at 4AM, and that is accessible from anywhere on the internet. Huh. Go figure.

Lovely work, men. Line up and kill the next bastard.

Quote Of The Day: John Scalzi

July 28, 2007

On The Upcoming Coup That’s Not Actually Upcoming

Yes, I could be wrong about all of this, which means I’ll be among the first to be Guantanamoed when the revolution comes — assuming they don’t just get it over with and shoot me in the head.

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