Warren Ellis Got A New Gig

Warren Ellis is writing Astonishing X-Men

Personally, I hate this news. I don’t buy mainstream comics.

Once upon a time, you could go to a corner store and just happily and merrily and cheerfully buy a comic book. And if you didn’t have the spare change on the day it hit the stands, you could rest assured it’d still be there a week later.

These goddammed days, you have to go to a fucking boutique and go through all these nasty contortions of begging and pleading to some T-shirted sot with facial boils to — get this! — reserve you a fucking copy of a book you Just Know is going to be gone before it’s even put on a rack for sale. And the prices are such that you have to budget for them. This ain’t no more spare change shit.

I’ll probably have to wait for them to be assembled in collections before I get to read them.

Congratulations to Ellis.

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