Pay The Fekkin Taxes, You Eejits!!

Followup to a prior post: Live Stupid, Die Stupid

Apparently the Feds made some sort of move yesterday. Reports of shots being fired. Prior to that, a report states:

Notice: Power, telephone lines, Internet access, satellite TV, and all mail/parcel delivery has been cutoff to Ed and Elaine.

Back in the 1970s, a guy named Irwin Schiff was all over talk radio promoting his “truth” about the “illegal” income tax. He was put in prison. He’s just been put there again.

Many people who followed him — and like-minded groups (fraudulent relgious certification was also the rage back then) — wound up with their assets stripped from them, huge fines and penalties, jail time, and ruined lives.

All of you who think you are Great Patriots are actually deluded dipshits who deserve the mauling you will get.

Do you love this country or not?

Then pay the goddammed taxes it takes to maintain it! Period.

Look at what they did to poor Willie Nelson — and he wasn’t even at fault!

In 1990, the IRS handed Nelson a bill for $16.7 million in back taxes and took away most of his assets to help pay the charges. He released The IRS Tapes: Who’ll Buy My Memories? as a double album, with all profits going straight to the IRS. Many of his assets were auctioned and purchased by friends, who gave his possessions back to him or rented them at a nominal fee. His debts were paid by 1993.

I remember the contemporaneous TV coverage of this. It was a disgrace. Personal items such as family photos had to be auctioned off. I didn’t like that at all. But if someone who wasn’t trying to protest taxation could be treated like that — how much worse will it be for you?

Wake up!

Littlefield leaned closer to him. “You’re a young man, you can still learn. Pay attention to this. You can steal in this country, you can rape and murder, you can bribe public officials, you can pollute the morals of the young, you can burn your place of business down for the insurance money, you can do almost anything you want, and if you act with just a little caution and common sense you’ll never even be indicted. But if you don’t pay your income tax, Grofield, you will go to jail.”

The Score – Richard Stark, Copyright © 1964 by Richard Stark; pg. 73

If you’ve been stupid, seek legal advice to get squared with the IRS. Use the Offer In Compromise to get your life out from under the shadow of possible imprisonment! The IRS, when faced with an attorney, will try to work things out with as little fuss as possible. Repent and be saved. Stand your ground and you’ll be buried on it.

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