Quote Of The Day: iPhone

The iPhone’s secret sauce? Software.

People talk about how Symbian phones have great software, but I don’t think those people get the iPhone. The pocket-sized iPhone is a mini-Mac, and its software outclasses any other mobile operating system I’ve tried.

Why? The most obvious thing is the smooth animation, which makes the icons zoom into view and pop open. It’s easy to dismiss this as cartoon-y excess, except that once you use it for a while, you realize that the fluid interface makes you feel as though the device is sensitively responding to your every gesture. That animation, the legacy of Mac OS X, makes the difference between feeling that a device is working against you, and feeling that it’s an extension of your brain.

He gets it. He groks it. Those of you who don’t, please move to Redmond or Espoo and talk to yourselves. You’ve revealed that you obviously have nothing to say to everyone else.


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