So As Usual, The Smiletards Jump Me

I’ve had cause to post in the WordPress forum today to complain about their new signon page and to bitch about a new policy that states:

if you don’t have an avatar you won’t be able to make the top lists anymore.

And, oh yes, that was bolded in the original text!

I’ve made the top lists with several posts here.

And now, because I won’t put on some fucking imbecilic mask, that isn’t ever going to happen again?

Well, fuck that!

I still refuse to have a goddammed avatar.

How soon will this policy extend to No Avatar = No WordPress blog?

I should start FURLing all my posts…

The Smiletard part comes in when someone posts in reply to me:

mikecane: if you had a nice, fluffy avatar, your harsh words just now might have been softened. since you want people to judge you by your words, you’re not offering much for a positive judgment with that last comment there. just a thought. :)

honesty in blogging is great but honesty with tact is even better in my wee opinion ;)

Well fuck you is all I have to say.


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