July 2007 Contents

July 2007 Contents

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July 2007 subhead: “…we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender…”

June 2007 Contents

June’s Contents Late…
Magician Has Special iPhone
iPhone Is Not Expen$ive
And Wired Becomes Immediately Irrelevant
And Suddenly Universal Music Group’s Artists Get Zero Royalties
Reference: iPhone Medical Web Apps
He Broke His iPhone The First Day!
Some iPhone Links
Blogroll Addition: ectoplasmosis
Reference: SaveToPhone
Recording Artists: Save Yourselves. Don’t Let Dick Morris And The Other Dicks Kill You While They Kill Themselves!
Another Thing That Will Ensure I Die Poor…
Finally, Last Month’s Contents Is Up
Quote Of The Day: Fake Steve Jobs
Oh Boo Hoo Hoo For Fucking Fox Network
Reference: iPhone Widget List
Reference: iPhone Pre-Pay Options
Some People Catch On Later Than… Everyone Else.
I Know I Haven’t Changed The Damned Blog Subhead
iPhone: A Recluse In The Orgy Age
Blog Notes: Where Does The Time Go?
I Don’t Think You Understand Just How Incredible The iPhone Really Is!
Microsoft, Palm, And Nokia: You Better Be Freaking Out!!
Reference: Korean Drama (KDrama) Sources
This Month’s Subhead: Churchill
Dumbest iPhone Comment Yet
OMG! FSJ Likes Me! He Really Likes Me!
Memo To Self: Today Is Not Monday
It Has To Be Said
Oh Dear Christ, Let This Be So. We Could Send Those Oil Bastards Reeling!
Daddy, What’s A Record? What’s An Album?
Tonight, July 5 2007: Girls Don’t Cry @ The Knitting Factory 8PM NYC
The Great iDay iHype iFraud
A Horrible Thought: What If The iPhone Is Just … A Phone?
Oh Come On. I Have To Take This Cheap Shot At Nokia!
(First?) Laugh Of The Day: Warren Ellis
OK, Second Laugh Of The Day: David Bamford
The End Of iWeek
iPhone Vs. Palm Treo: You Can’t Fight A Corpse
iPhone Runs In Root?!
Reference: Hutchison Effect
MicroTards Get Desperate Against iPhone Revolution
Palm Flogs Blog, Flails, Fails
Girls Don’t Cry: Needling At The Knitting Factory
Sad Anniversary: Rod Steiger Died July 9, 2002
Victor Gischler Has To Get Busy
YouTube Is Suddenly So Yesterday
What My Inner Dick Screams
Quote Of The Day: Junkiness
Oh Man. The Worst Part Is The Wait…
YouTube: The Greatest American Hero Fan Titles
You Call That A Phone? This — iPhone — Is A Phone!
Heather Johnston On ABC’s PrimeTime Tomorrow, Tuesday July 10 2007 At 10PM EDST
Splaying The Code Guts Of The iPhone: TV-Out & Filesystem
iPhone Death Star Upgrade Coming
Reference: iPhoneDevCamp-Created Applications List
Sinfest Documents My Love Life
Do New Apple Keyboards Hint At An iPhone Keyboard?
Quote Of The Day: The Rude Pundit
Second Quote Of The Day: Walter Jon Williams
Welcome, First-Time Readers
Reminder: Heather Johnston On ABC’s PrimeTime Tonight, Tuesday July 10 2007 At 10PM EDST
I Must Start The Day With Thanks
Heather Johnston On ABC’s Primetime (Post 1)
Why VISA Card USA Sucks Ass
Hey, VISA Card USA! I Accuse You Of Running A Bait-And-Switch Scam!
Free Energy That Won’t Work During A Hot Summer Day (Or Global Warming!)
WordPress Is Bitchy Today
Heather Johnston On ABC’s Primetime (Post 2)
Nokia’s Creative Bankruptcy Continues Full Speed Ahead!
Another Record Set For Traffic Today
All-Time Record Traffic Today
Google Office For iPhone!
If Only!
The In(sane)ternet
Who Would Play Heather Johnston? Who?!!?
The Yellow Submarine iPod Won’t Die!
Bah! So Much For The Electronic Age! Image Storage Delayed For At Least Eleven Days (Maybe More)!
Another Record Traffic Day
Ah, Good. Traffic Is Sinking Again.
Eat My Hell
Fuck You. Fuck Your Blogosphere. Fuck Your Internet. Fuck Your Group. Fuck Your Politics. Fuck Your Society. Fuck Your World. Fuck Your Pressure. Fuck Your Conformity. And Did I Say Fuck You Too?
Keep Your Fucking Illiterate Hands Off Us Writers
They Protect Themselves. Not Us.
Another Egghead Out To Fuck Writers (And Other Creators) Out Of Their Just Rewards
The Suits Will Bleed Anyone Dry! Especially You.
Finally! Iain Levison Has A Website And Now It’s On My Blogroll Too.
Reference: How To Send MMS On An iPhone
How To Get Custom Ringtones Into An iPhone Using OSX
David Bamford Provides A Laugh In This Otherwise Rampagingly-Mad Day
YouTube: iPhone Parody
Sunday 1:11PM EDST
I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Heard A Prince Song
The Incomparable Miss Shirley Bassey
My Pathetic MySpace
Oh Great. Now I’m The Go-To Guy For Fuck You.
New Blog Feature: Fuck You Friday
Warren Ellis Quotes Dennis Potter!
I Put It Succinctly (And Even Cleanly)
iPhone: First eBook On It?
P2P Is Dead. Really.
Blog Notes
Movie: Dumb Hard
Warren Ellis: Chapter One Of Next Week’s Novel Available
YouTube: Stingray (Not That One!)
Quote Of The Day: iPhone
Sad Anniversary: The Death Of Ty Cobb, July 17, 1961
The Anthem Of Music’s Future
Quote: Adaptation
Apple And H.264 Internal Chips: I’m With Cringely
Things On The Internet That Make Me Want To Die
Coming Soon: The iStrike
Blog Notes: Traffic Still High Here
CNN Offers Crooks, Kidnappers, And Revolutionaries A Guide To Those To Loot, Blackmail, And Murder!
Scalzi: Excellent Work!
Quote Of The (Yester)Day: The Rude Pundit
Here’s Someone Who’ll Never Buy An eBook!
Reference: Storing iPhone Apps Locally
Reference: iPhone Bookmarklets
Reference: DVD To iPhone (Via Mac)
Blogroll Addition: Uncov
Quote Of The Day: Uncov
I Can Has LOLcat?
iPhone User Floors My Lust Pedal
Reference: Making Vids Look Good For YouTube
iPhone: Yet Another DUH! Article
America: The Endgame
Argh. No Image Storage For Me Yet.
iPhone Killer?
America: Collapse Watch
NOW Do You Finally Understand Why I Must Have A License To Kill?
Fuck Fuck You Friday
Who The Fuck Is This Dickhead?
Beemageddon: Asian Andromeda Strain
New York City Go Boom Yesterday
Oh How Fucking Swell Is This?
eBooks On iPhone: Not Waiting For Apple!
I Am Fake Steve Jobs
eBooks on iPhone: Another Person Who Won’t Wait For Apple
Quaker Oats Must Die!
I Can Has Image Storage? No.
PayPal Is Releasing Their Bank Squirrels
!!?ereH nO gnioG sI tahW
Must I Again Call For The Enslavement And Total Death Of You Technoids?
Warning: Go Away Now. It’s Fuck You Friday At This Blog.
Fuck You And Your Computer Code, You Deluded Fuckhead ASCII Plumber
Fuck You, Shills!
Fuck Quaker Oats!
Nokia: Hankkiutua Sinun Hautajaiset
Google To Everyone Else: Drop Dead
When You Lack Talent, Imagination, And Have a Rep For Robbing Everyone, What’s Left To Do? Legalized Looting.
The Greatest Feat In The History Of Mankind
Quote Of The Day: iPhone
No Comments For You Here. Evah.
eBookery For iPhone?
Blog Notes: That’s A Wrap For Today
Is Dubya Aiming To Be The New King George?
LifeDrive Notes: As An MP3 Player
eBooks On iPhone: The Clamor Continues!
Another Frikkin Gene I Apparently Lack
Quaker Oats Sends Me A Sorry-Assed Email Reply
The eBooks On iPhone Campaign: Steve Jobs Loves Books! Hey, Steve, So Do We!!
Why Fake Steve Jobs Is The Only Living God On The Internet (Kneel!)
Five Things Nokia Needs To Do To Improve Our Lives
No Science Fiction Or Horror Story Ever Predicted A Mutant Like Her!
My Arteries Just Had A Seizure
I Am Endlessly Persecuted For Appreciating Brilliance
Found On MySpace: Thug Lit
There. Aren’t. Enough. Hours. In. A. Day.
I Am In Ur MySpace Stealing Ur Friends
YouTube: Gerry Anderson & Dire Straits
Writer Jasper Fforde In NYC 7PM Tomorrow, Monday, July 23, 2007
Oh That Thing Called Human…
(Infectious) Quote Of The Day: Uncov
This Fake Business Is Going Too Far Now
Enough With The Fekkin Secret Diaries!!!
Like A Bullet To My Head
Harry Potter More Popular Than Microsoft Zune
God Is Avenging Himself On That Awful Olympics Logo
The Candice Jarrett Campaign: Part One
The Candice Jarrett Campaign: Part Two
You Always Do This When I’m Not Looking!
Oh Look! I Get To Bash Palm And Nokia At The Same Time! It’s Two Two Two Hits In One!
Red Alert: Your PC Might Have This!!
Bah. Blog Closed For Today.
The Day Begins As Suck
Give It Up, Microsoft
Quote Of The Day: Retarded Edition
I Told You, Microsoft. Zune Is For Losers.
Homeland Security: Making Us Safer Or Just More Stupid?
4/19/06: Unforgotten
Reference: Google Video On iPhone
Lesley Gore Has New Songs
Hey, PayPal! Where Are Those Squirrels, Dammit?
Planetakis Shows Other Bands How To Do It
Why You Should Be On MySpace
The Perfects: Live At The Annex, Saturday July 21, 2007
3PM EDST: No PayPal Squirrels
Hey, Rupert Murdoch, You Slag! Fix MySpace!
Fasten Your Seatbelts. Then Pray.
Quaker Oats Hides In Its Foxhole
I Can Has Image Storage? Yes!
Blog Notes: Wednesday July 25, 2007
See The Spectacular Band Girls Don’t Cry For FREE Tonight, Wednesday July 25 2007
Photo: Rain In England
Quaker Oats Plays Peekaboo With My Blog
Photo: My Shadow
Photo Album: Writer Barry Eisler
YouTube: Thunderbirds Are Go – The Rezillos
Are The Suits Using P2P To Hype Their Shows?
Quote Of The Day: Uncov
Blog Notes: Early Close
TONIGHT: See The Spectacular Band Girls Don’t Cry For FREE, Wednesday July 25 2007
Why I Deleted Your Trackback, Moron
Don’t Ever Fake Trackback My Blog Again
(First) Quote Of The Day: GracefulFlavor
Mass-Murdering Cat Signals Post-Millennial Holocaust
My Cat Will Kill Me For That Last Post
On The Internet, Telling The Truth Becomes Imaginary
(Second) Quote Of The Day: GDC @ WR2R
Blog Notes: I Did It When I Wasn’t Looking
Who Are You Kidding, Billionaire Bloomberg?
Keep Your Damn Social Disease To Yourself
David Lynch Hate Me
Just Click The Damn Link
Photo Album: Writer Jasper Fforde
Photo Album: Proof Of My Anti-Photographic Ability
Blunt This!
DailyMotion: Ha. Ha. Ha.
Blog Notes: All For Today
Quote Of The Day: John Scalzi
I <3 Uncov
Congratulations To Victor Gischler!
Warren Ellis Got A New Gig
Jason Starr’s Got A Short Story For Sale On Amazon
Go Look. And Weep For Us All.
Quaker Oats: Sorry-Assed Bribe Arrives In Mail
Brightcove: Journeyman Preview
Girls Don’t Cry: Tomorrow, Sunday July 29th In New Jersey
Remember What You Gave Me Before You Ask For It Back
Pay The Fekkin Taxes, You Eejits!!
Blog Notes: It’s Now Official. So Shut The Fuck Up.
Reference: Online Storage
A Sad Day For Auntie Beeb
It Is So
Go To Your Doom By Scorning Me And Trusting The Suits
Reference: Cancer Therapy
New Blog Categories: Bands And Blog Notes
Band: Crooked Looks Coming To NYC Next Saturday, August 4, 2007
Still, Money Isn’t Everything
Today’s Absolutely-Fatal Bellylaugh
Armageddon Catalysts
R.I.P.: Tom Snyder Of Tomorrow Show
Is The Wayback Machine Any Damn Good?
Quote Of The Day: iPhone
So As Usual, The Smiletards Jump Me
Second Quote Of The Day
Blog Notes: Blogroll Deletion, Probations
The Future Has Come Back To Haunt Us
That’s It For Today
What Is Your Life Worth?
The Hollywood Day Of Reckoning
The Ambitious Use Macs
Photo Album: Girls Don’t Cry @ McCarren Park July 25, 2007


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