Band: u239 = Real Direct Marketing!

The band U239 sends out a MySpace Bulletin titled bombs, etc. and it contains exploding GIFs of bombs. With this addendum:

p.s. buy our shit on itunes. we’re tired of Ramen and Bubba Cola.

They then send out a second Bulletin titled I’m not making this up…, and it contains this illustration:

u239 describes their music as “Electro / Punk / Ghettotech.” isgro is my steez is the title of one of the cuts you can sample on their MySpace page. As if that wasn’t mindbending enough, their 7-song EP on iTunes is titled STAB||THE||KAT — and I hope that’s the name of the damned cat and not a call to action! (Because, for sure, this cat will fuck you up!)

Hey, guys, you have to wait in my MySpace Music Buying Queue! It’s not long, but it’s still a queue. But everyone else reading this should pop over to the iTunes Store to get it. Support indie bands — help kill the RIAA!

iTunes Store direct link [will open iTunes software]

(By the way, having “u239” and “bombs” in one post on my blog is really gonna endear me to the netsnoops at Homeland Security! Thanks, guys!)

Update with jargon spoiler:

I’ve been informed by the band:

Isgro = a bakery in Philadelphia…Bangin’ cannoli’s.

Steez = style…style with ease…think Gang Starr.

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