Hollywood: Settle!

Perversely, I must start out congratulating NBC. Journeyman has not been leaked anywhere. I’ve looked! I’ve looked hard. (Of course, if it was your intent that it should be, maybe those who looked at it decided to spare the rest of us!)

I wouldn’t have ordinarily done such an intense dig, but I really really want to see that series. And since it seems everydamnedthing else is being leaked, I went looking. I mean, really looking.

And, Hollywood, you Suits better shut your mouths, drop your pants, bend over, and give the Unions what they want.

Or you are dead.


For in my search, I have discovered that just about every damned thing that can be digitized or ripped has been digitized and ripped.

And I do mean EVERYTHING. (Except for Journeyman, dammit. Yet!)

So if a strike shuts you guys down, people are going to start doing the kind of searching I just did. And then guess what? They will download and watch all that stuff for free. And as your strike drags on and on and on, they will become accustomed to doing that.

And goodbye to your business.

Get smart. Settle.

And, oh, if you think it’s P2P that’s the threat, you guys really have your heads up your asses. P2P is dead. The pirates and dealers in warez have reconfigured the game. There is no more P2P delay. Stuff can now be downloaded even with my shitty Roadrunner connection faster than it takes to watch the stuff.

Settle. Or die.

PS: No, I didn’t download anydamnedthing. I wouldn’t watch that shit in a theatre and I won’t even watch it for free. And the TV stuff I wouldn’t even watch commercial-free. I’ve got books to read.

PPS: Leak Journeyman, goddammit. While there are people still interested in TV.

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