Elton John Is A Senile Old Man

Why we must close the net

POP legend Sir Elton John wants the internet CLOSED DOWN.

Never one to keep his opinions to himself, the Rocket Man has waded into cyberspace with all guns blazing.

He claims it is destroying good music, saying: “The internet has stopped people from going out and being with each other, creating stuff.

“Instead they sit at home and make their own records, which is sometimes OK but it doesn’t bode well for long-term artistic vision.

“It’s just a means to an end.

“We’re talking about things that are going to change the world and change the way people listen to music and that’s not going to happen with people blogging on the internet.

Will someone please wipe the drool off the gizzard of this eejit and point him to MySpace?

Let me see… when was the last time Elton John recorded something I wanted to buy?

Oh, right: the nineteen fucking seventies.

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