More American Blood On The Hands Of Bush


Report: 34 Percent of Major Roads Are in Poor, Mediocre Condition

Highway engineers say the neglect of America’s infrastructure costs lives every day. More than 40,000 people die in highway accidents each year.

Road conditions, the engineers say, are a factor in almost one-third of those deaths.

America’s most important road system  46,000 miles of interstate highway  is now half a century old.

A report card two years ago from the American Society of Civil Engineers said that 34 percent of major roads are in poor or mediocre condition.

Because I haven’t been near a TV since early evening yesterday, I wake up to online news about this.

What the fuck is this?

This kind of shit happens in Third World countries, where the governments are corrupt, the construction companies are corrupt, and no one gives a fuck for anyone else.

This is not supposed to happen in America.

But we have a President who is driving us into national bankruptcy and a future of economic enslavement. Money that should have been spent to maintain this bridge went into a futile killing spree that is now in its fourth year.

How the fuck can that bastard sleep at night?

Additional: Security camera footage of collapse.


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