Rightist Radio = Liecasting

August 3, 2007

The Fairness Doctrine Isn’t Enough !
We need a truth Doctrine here. Now.

Jay Diamond gets in on. Dig this opening line:

Last night I weakened and switched on one of the many cookie-cutter variety low-brow, rightwing gargoyles whose customary habitat is lie-talk radio.


Quote Of The Day: Alan Pritt

August 3, 2007

Ah, Alan’s blog is showing some signs of life again.

It’s been a long time

Looking at a job advert was like the splash of ice-water on my face; a stark reminder that the only thing worse than dying is dying after a lifetime of corporate misery.

Ah, There’s Still Bamford To Give Me A Laugh

August 3, 2007

Glasgow Press. By mongos for mongos [blog dead]

Not Safe for Work, Christians or Other Children.

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Today’s What Was That?!!?

August 3, 2007

Popeye vs. Anime — embedded YouTube video

Just go see.

Not Safe for Work, Christians or Other Children.

Die In Prison, You Piece Of Shit

August 3, 2007

Spammer gets 30 years in the slammer

Notorious spammer Christopher “Rizler” Smith was sentenced to 30 years in prison by a federal judge on Wednesday.

US District Judge Michael Davis called Smith a “drug kingpin” before throwing the book at him. Smith was convicted on charges of conspiracy, illegal distribution of drugs, money laundering and operating a continuing criminal enterprise.

Don’t feel sorry for this fuck:

Under the spam companies Burnsville Internet and Xpress Pharmacy Direct, Smith allegedly sent more than one billion emails through America Online. The FBI claims he made approximately $18m during his final year as a penis pill pusher. Federal authorities raided Xpress Pharmacy and Smith’s home, seized $4.2m in assets, including a $1.1m house and 17 luxury vehicles worth $1.8m.

And all his customers? I hope their dicks fall off.

The Power Of Fuck

August 3, 2007

Two items of personal satisfaction from seeing Juliette and the Licks last night at Virgin Megastore.

As you’ll see in photos to be posted later today, I was right up at the front of the stage. But before the band came out, an employee of Virgin came over to inform everyone who was standing up front that they had to cordon off a section there for the Press.

Me: Fuck the press! They’re not here to buy her CD!

The employee made sure the Press Section started on the other side of where I was standing.

Then when the band came out, I went to snap pictures and I get this goddammed elbow in one of them. One of the photogs in the new section was blocking me. I tapped her arm to get her to move it.

Me: You’re blocking me.

Her (in the haughty way only those motherfuckers can say it — do they practice in front of mirrors?): I’m The Press.

Me: I don’t give a fuck who you are. Don’t block me.

For the rest of the evening, she made damn sure she never even got close to blocking me.

Ah, the Power of Fuck!

Use it wisely. And only when needed.

Photo Album: Warren Ellis’s Book

August 3, 2007

After seeing Juliette and the Licks last night (an entry about this later today), I decided to see if I could find Warren Ellis’s novel Crooked Little Vein in the flesh (so to speak).

I went to Forbidden Planet. This is never a trip I like to take. I always leave there wanting to shriek at all the stuff I haven’t read and never know where to begin and cannot fucking all possibly afford to buy anygoddamway. It was no different this time, either.

Anyway, they didn’t have his book. What the fuck? Everything else by him seemed to be well-stocked, graphics-novel-wise. I hope it wasn’t there because it was sold out. Anyway, I didn’t ask. (See description of staff here.)

Then I went to to Barnes & Noble. Another trip I do not like to make for some of the same reasons as above, except with B&N I have the glorious NYPL to save my cash-starved ass alleviate my frustrations. I had to ask what section it was in because they are now — at least at the one store I was in — segregating fiction into little goddam compartments. I was told it was in Mystery.

I went there — and there it was:


Here’s close-up action:


I didn’t buy it. I don’t know, I have a prejudice against B&N even though they did good for brother writer Dow Mossman. At one time B&N used to discount everything. Now, like every other damned store, they want to be Upscale and have killed most of the discounting.

So I decided to go to Shakespeare & Co. to see if they had it in.


Shakespeare & Co. just closed their lower-Manhattan store a few weeks back. Not a good sign. But I was shocked by what I saw at the store I went to: they got rid of their entire Mystery section! No more Mystery books, period! So, they didn’t have Ellis’ book. Here I was wanting to buy from them instead of B&N and they were basically telling me to fuck off.

Pissed off, I went home without buying.

Next time.

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eBooks On iPhone: Well, There Are Magazines At Least!

August 3, 2007

This blog report describes and shows what magazines specially formatted for the iPhone look like.

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