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Barbie Bandits negotiating plea, leading ‘stable lives’

The two so-called Barbie Bandits are working and awaiting the outcome of the cases against them, their lawyers said Monday.

Heather Lyn Johnston is working in telemarketing, her attorney Clay R. Thompson, said Monday.

“She’s doing all right. She’s working hard. The job loves her,” Thompson said. Johnston, 19, stood next to him in a courthouse lobby, but declined to comment.

Thompson said that his office working on negotiating a plea with prosecutors. But those discussions are very preliminary because he has not seen the evidence against his client, he said.

Ashley Nicole Miller, 18,, who was not in court, is house-sitting and baby sitting, said Timothy M. Williams, her lawyer.

“She’s good,” Williams said. “… She’s got a lot going on. Trying to live a just stable life…. Just be a productive person. That’s all we are doing right now.”

Hearings for the defendants in the bank theft case, Johnston, Miller and Benny Herman Allen III, were postponed until late August.

Heather’s attorney “has not seen the evidence against his client.” Hello? Clearly attorneys inhabit a different universe than the rest of us who saw the surveillance images all over planet earth!

I would make a prediction, but I don’t want some bastard for the prosecution to read this and get his testosterone foaming.

Good luck, Heather. Stay clean. Stay working.

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