Heather: She Inspired ABC-TV

i-Caught Gets the Story Behind Viral Videos

TVGuide.com: How can surveillance tapes make good TV?

Weir: Bank robbery surveillance tapes are a constant source of entertainment. We’re working the guy from the FBI who gives all these guys their nicknames and is taking us through the anatomy of a bank robbery and how he trains tellers. It mushrooms out from the Barbie Bandits [a duo of female bandits who disguised themselves with oversized sunglasses] to something much deeper.

A question for ABC: Are you going to dick around with the images as you did with Heather?

Overall, this is pretty lame even for TV. So desperate to grab some of the attention that the Net has rightfully gained, they think if they get a bunch of free clips and wrap them up in their shitty scripts it’ll make Must-See TV (yes, I know that’s NBC’s tag; but they all want to be that — as if!).

I predict a huge scandal is going to erupt within the first month this has been on the air. Those Suits just can’t keep their fucked-up paws off real stuff. They have to pervert it by tarting it up with their cliched shit. In other words, turn it into TV.

Now go see Paddy Chayefsky again. And rent the goddam DVD to remind yourself of what TV actually is. No — buy the DVD.

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