Photo Album: Juliette And The Licks @ Virgin Megastore

Juliette VM01
Virgin Megastore at Union Square, New York City

Juliette VM02
A promo notice on one of the doors

Juliette VM03
A rack of her CD. One of those is mine mine mine!

Juliette VM04
A poster is set outside on a stand

Juliette VM05
I glimpse her off to the side of the stage. OMG!!

Juliette VM06
She prepares her headband

Juliette VM07
The stage where they will perform — it’ll be acoustic!

Juliette VM08
Juliette and the Licks on stage

Juliette VM09
The armblock from The Press

Juliette VM10
Juliette begins to serenade us…

Juliette VM11a
…then blasts off into rock orbit!

Juliette VM12a
One of the rare times she faced that side of the stage — and that I was able to photograph!

Juliette VM13

Juliette VM14
Three out of four of the Licks appeared

Juliette VM15
I call this one Juliette In Red

Juliette VM16
The crowd for her band

Juliette VM17
A pensive Juliette

Juliette VM18
She starts up again…

Juliette VM19
…and you can feel her singing.

Juliette VM20
Ah, Juliette!

Juliette VM21

Juliette VM22

Juliette VM23
Standing for well-earned applause!

Juliette VM24
I’ve got my CD and I want them to write on it!

Juliette VM25
This guy on line was previewing photos on his camera. The quality stunned me. I need a real camera!

Juliette VM26
A woman on line with one of the band’s CDs.

Juliette VM27
The autograph lineup

Juliette VM28
Busy making with the writing

Juliette VM29
My CD goes under the Sharpie! Thank you.

Juliette VM30
Thank you too!

Juliette VM31
Juliette gives me a gorgeous pose — and she doesn’t know I’m blogging this! Thank you, Juliette!

Juliette VM32
The final autograph. Thank you!

Juliette VM33
It’s over and I’m outta there

Juliette VM34
My CD. Weep, you unfortunates!

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  1. […] They have a new album coming out, and to promote it they recently did  a small performace and signing at the Virgin Megastore in NYC. We weren’t there unfortunately but a lot of people taking pictures were! I found some particularly cool ones here: […]

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