Fake Steve Jobs Is Dead. Sit Shiva With Me!

No. You’re not him. Can’t be. Never will be. Period. He’s dead.

Fake Steve Jobs is dead! He was assassinated by a hit squad from Old Media (probably orchestrated by Rupert Murdoch and secretly bankrolled by Microsoft).

News reports indicate that a Guy in a Suit — who looks like a banker! — is taking credit for having been the Real Fake Steve Jobs and that his blog will now be absorbed into the Vast Suit Empire of Forbes.com. But this can’t be so. It’s a trick!

Reject the New Fake Fake Steve Jobs!

The True Fake Steve Jobs is dead!

Come sit shiva with me. (As this blog operates on Internet Time, the period of bereavement will not be as long as Real Time.)

Light the candles

Rip your shirt

Recite from Torah

Dress in black and be sad

At the end of this period of deep mourning, I will delete the original Secret Diary of Steve Jobs blog from my Blogroll. I will also have more to say about why the Real Fake Steve Jobs is dead.

Oy vey. The Suits always make such tsuris!

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