Quotes Of The Day: Bastard Of The Year Edition

A Commentard at the New York Times:

The Post has Watergate and you have FSJ? That pretty much sums up where the NYT is. My! How far the NYT has fallen from the days of The Pentagon Papers…perhaps you’ve heard of it? The best you can do now is pee on everyone’s leg?

Another Commentard:

You solved a mystery that 99% of NYT and FSJ readers didn’t want solved. Truly a disappointment. What’s next, a children’s edition unmasking the Tooth Fairy?

A Commentard who pays attention to history:

So the NYT couldn’t get the lead-up to Iraq war, which everyone with half a brain could see as far back as 2002 was going to be a disaster, but they pay a reporter to “investigate” who the real person behind a very fun and enjoyable fake blog is?

Great to see where the paper’s real priorities are!

Another Commentard:

I guess it’s easier to uncover useless mysteries like this than uncover impeachable offenses going on in our executive branch. Way to go, reporter!

The Bastard Himself Gets Faked

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