Quote Of The Day: Uncov

YouGetIt: Epic Fail

YouGetIt is so stupid I think it gave me diabetes. It’s like a Craigslist without the organic content mashed together with Pageflakes-style drag & drop Ajax douchebaggery, baked for 30 minutes and served with a piping hot side of fail.

Allegedly, YouGetIt is a web start page that will connect you to local resources. It uses little draggable modules to separate different categories of content, so if you don’t like the “Local TV Stations” module in the left column, you can drag it to the middle. Can you smell the revolution?

Ah, fuck. How long before this site goes belly-up? Uncov, I mean. It’s too good to keep going. It’s like The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs (was) except, you know, real.

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