The Betrayal Of Fake Steve Jobs: Daniel Lyons, You Suck!

You knew the day was coming. You knew that someone would finally unmask you.

But did you prepare for it at all? Did you anticipate the horror such a revelation would be to the legions of FSJ worshippers?


All of us had wondered who this Man of Mystery was…

His talent was such that it seemed his feet never touched the earth…

What did he look like? Was he one of us?

And then he was revealed and we shrieked in horror!

He’s the frikkin guy who plays the PC in the Apple TV ads!!!

Hey, Lyons! Are you crazy?! Are you nuts?! Are you a Microsoft stooge?

At the very frikkin least, you could have prepared a picture of yourself in a black turtleneck!


So OK then, you could have even made it on the conservative side.


But now? It’s too late. You’re dead. There’s nothing left of you.


You did what the real Steve Jobs would have never done: Forgot the details!

And for that, I have only one thing left to say to you:

Touch My Monkey!

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