The Mike Cane Persecution Checklist

Let’s see the scorecard thus far of Things I Love/Need and Their Current Status:

Wendy’s 99-cent menu: Dead!
(Where I am most things are now $1.29!)

Table of Malcontents: Dead!

Junkiness: Dead!

Scribez: Dead?

Toasted Quaker Oats Bars: Dead!
(And I haven’t forgotten your asses, QO!)

Fake Steve Jobs: Dead!

Pizza slice for $1 in Manhattan: Dead!
(I went yesterday and it’s now $1.50!)

Lo Mein in Chinatown for $1: Endangered species!
(One street stall raised it to $1.25!)

What’s next? Who’s next?

(Go on, laugh it up. It’ll be my turn when you pay $8/gallon of gas, suckah!) (Right, like that shit won’t immediately ripple down to my world!)

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