Another DUH! Article Twenty-Five Years Too Late

More time spent on Web than newspapers: study

NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. consumers this year will spend more of their day surfing the Internet than reading newspapers or going to the movies or listening to recorded music, according a study released on Tuesday.

Man, where were these people when the online choices, nationally, were just The Source and CompuServe? You had to per a per-hour fee to use those services but there were still people who practically lived on those things. Some people spent so much time in the CompuServe CB Simulator they’d wrack up bills close to $1,000/month! And then there were hundreds of Bulletin-Board Systems across the nation (and then around the world). The decline in time spent on other activities began back then.

You see this shit only becomes real when The Suits — the Overgarchy — have their money at stake.

Which is why they will always be behind the pop-cultural curve.

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