YouTube: Laugh Of The Day

August 9, 2007


LisaNova, Douchebag by Association

I’m a jerk. This is my Jerky war council video. It’s late for 2 reasons. 1. I worked a lot this weekend. B. I got an ear infection. Which makes me a nerd, I never said I wasn’t a nerd or a jerk. Now you have proof of both.

Also, Danny, I already know that I’m fat. So, when you come back at me, choose another angle if possible.

Also, don’t take my words, and use them against Natalie.


Jaysus, the things this guy does in this video stun me. Ah, Ed Wood! What you could have done these days…

The Internet Is Full Of Fakes

August 9, 2007

That last post? That kid is the next frikkin Andy Kaufman!

No lonely boy. Just Lonelyboy15.

A little while ago, I posted about Daxflame, a YouTuber that I thought could either be a legitimately lonely and awkward kid or a brilliant actor. I’m now convinced it’s the latter.

YouTube video: daxflame exposed?

That video is heavily redacted, but this kid shows it doesn’t take much brains or savvy to find out about someone. You just need determination.

BTW, this guy is a fake too!

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YouTube: A Horrifying WTF?!!?

YouTube: A Horrifying WTF?!!?

August 9, 2007

My last video for YouTube
— OK, I watched this and went wtf?! Then I went on to watch:

Making my own Clothes
— and again, I went wtf?!!? So I then went on to watch:

Daxflame interviews LisaNova!
— and goddam, LisaNova is the cutest. First time I’ve seen her. But again I’m going wtf?!!!???!!!??!!!??? So I again went to another:

My Secret and SMOSH Interview!(And thewinekone)
— and I totally wtfed!!!???!!!!??????!!!!!!??????!!!!!!?????

See if you can figure it out. I’m just scared!

Safari For Windows: Still Sick!

August 9, 2007

Oy, Apple, please fix this!I just got the latest Safari from Apple. I’m using it for this post.But although this is the third line in this text, when I hit Publish I expect everything to get mooshed together into one nasty-lookin’ paragraph.Fourth line. Safari still doesn’t play well with WordPress and blank lines. I can get them fine in either view, but when it comes time to pass this stuff to the WP server, poof! go the blank lines. I will not reformat this if it turns out ugly. Bad Apple. Bad, bad Apple!

Pre-post update: OK, here’s the thing. The blank lines actually do stay in. But if I switch views after hitting Save and Continue Editing, poof! go the blank lines!

So close, Apple… and, no, I won’t clean up the fugliness.

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Apple Safari Browser For Win XP: Super Fast And Super Sick

September 2005: NBC Promotes A New Earl Show

August 9, 2007

Photos taken September 17, 2005.

NBC paid models to wear these T-shirts in Times Square. The shirts had flatscreen monitors in them showing clips from a new show called My Name Is Earl.



Get with the future, NBC. Leak Journeyman onto the Net!

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Photo Album: August 2005 Street Art

August 9, 2007

Photos taken August 28, 2005.