Meet Estefi Of NoBarbies

Clicking around MySpace can lead to strange happenings. I don’t know whose Friends I was stealing, but one of them was a band called NoBarbies. It’s an all-woman Punk Rock band based in Argentina!`

On their MySpace page, they have two sample songs recorded from rehearsals. One is NoBarbies, their signature tune. The second is Nadie es iqual (Nobody is Equal). Both feature a raw energy, a driving beat, and some sexy guitar work. That none of the lyrics are in English is beside the point. They rock!

Shortly after discovering them, I got a MySpace Bulletin from Estefi, their lead guitarist, revealing that she was vacationing in New York City. Wow! I immediately replied asking if we could meet for some pictures for this blog. She agreed.

Yesterday I got to meet Estefi and here are some pictures:

I begin in stalker mode. Yes, she is seated waaaay down there!

Hee-hee. She hasn’t seen me yet!

How close can I get before she sees me and runs away?

Oh-oh! Busted!

Close-up crop of Busted!

The first photo of Estefi and her new guitar.

A pensive Estefi strumming her guitar.

Estefi already wondering when I will go away.

Estefi’s jacket, all calligraphy and art by her.

Vivir Apasionadamente: Live Passionately
Siendo Siempre Unico: Always Be Unique

An eye motif that Estefi is very fond of.

The NoBarbies logo, designed by Estefi.


Estefi smiling, thinking I’m finally leaving!

Estefi holding the world in her hand — the U.N. building as proxy.

Estefi in a classic musician pose.

Estefi: Are you leaving yet, Mike?

I always get the shoes I started this with Girls Don’t Cry.

Estefi smelling the flowers. What you can’t see is that the flowers are the same color as her nail polish. One of those coincidences…

Estefi in classic NoBarbies pose.

Estefi is a multi-talented wonder. She’s a musician, lyricist, painter, is studying psychology and is interested in philosophy!

Estefi and Descartes! I have never come across a woman who wanted to take a picture like that. This is so incredibly great.

Estefi has been playing guitar since she was 15 and she’s played rhythm guitar in other bands. The NoBarbies band started to form back in November 2006 with three members. By the time they added a bass guitar in February 2007, they already had four songs written. It took a while to add the drummer, requiring six different tryouts. By March, they had their drummer and the band was complete. From March until their 7-7-7 (July 7, 2007) debut, they continued to create songs and now have a total of nine (they play NoBarbies twice in their live sets). NoBarbies marks the first time Estefi has played lead guitar. And you can clearly hear her incredible fingerwork in their two sample songs on MySpace!

NoBarbies rocking live on stage. Estefi is at left, in pink.

Right now, the band is lacking a bass guitar again and while Estefi is in New York City, her bandmates are doing tryouts with other guitarists to replace the one who had to leave.

NoBarbies right now: No Bass Guitar. Estefi at left.

While she’s been in NYC, Estefi has been updating her Fotolog [update: URL changed; few photos as of 9/8/07]. Here is one I just had to use:

Estefi in the belly of the Barbie Beast!

This is a good time to run the lyrics of their song:


No quiero tu sonrisa finjida
No soy tu princesa perdida
Tus objetos me quieren someter
pero no van a poder..
nooo van a poder!

Nobarbies no!
Nobarbies no!
No somos barbies no!

No quiero tu libertad tu mentira
Mi mundo te desafía!
Antes era la realeza, ahora es la empresa
quien se queda con tu vida (tu potencia)

Estefi also has an account on treemo (it is sort of like Flickr) where she has posted pictures of her paintings and also interesting photos from her NYC vacation.

The band NoBarbies has already been mentioned on one blog. I’m sure this is the first of many more writeups to come.

I think NoBarbies is a band that we will hear a lot about in the future. Personally, I can’t wait for them to get in a studio and record all their songs so I can hear more than just the two fantastic ones on their MySpace page! Hey, I’d settle for rehearsal recordings of the other seven songs! Go NoBarbies Go!

Thank you, Estefi, for letting me bother you with my camera!


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