Journeyman Still Not Leaked

August 10, 2007

Yes, I keep looking.

And this song I just found on MySpace only rubs salt in my wound.

Time Won’t Let Me Go by The Bravery.

Give a listen.

(Now watch, that’ll be the series theme or somehow end up in the series…)

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You Can Trust Us. We Wear Suits.

August 10, 2007

AT&T calls censorship of Pearl Jam lyrics an error


Media consolidation is something I fear and hate more than any group of terrorists. Terrorists cannot get a stranglehold on our information. Media consolidation has already done so.

Bellylaugh Of The Day: Accidental Edition

August 10, 2007

WARNING: Put down what you are drinking before reading further!

Man living in car since ’00 upsets city

“I get better reception there than I do in there,” he said, pointing at the house. “I listen to Rush (Limbaugh) every day, just about.”

Phelps Is Without Shame

August 10, 2007

35W Bridge Collapse Caused by Gays

That odious weasel Fred Phelps and his gang of miscreants are planning to protest at the funerals of the people killed when the 35W bridge collapsed recently in the US. Why? Well, to explain to the families of the bereaved, by means of picketing, that God killed their loved ones in revenge for America’s wanton tolerance of homosexuality, of course.

What happens if, say, a disaster strikes this group? What if, God forbid, the buses they traveled on went out of control and crashed, killing all but Phelps himself? Would he ever, perhaps, wonder if those deaths were due to his intolerance of gays? Would he take it as a message from God? Or would he blithely pass the blame buck to Satan so he could continue on his warped, merry way?

And then how would he feel if people showed up at their funerals and mocked their deaths? Oh wait. That wouldn’t happen. Normal people don’t pull such sacreligious crap.

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