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Nope, not leaked yet. I’ve looked. I do that just about the first thing when I get on the Net.

And, hey NBC, consider this:

Whether it is on purpose or not, these pre-airs that have surfaced on the net are serving a purpose. They are building a fan base and at the same time turning people off, which is actually a good thing.

Let’s use some simple numbers. 1,000,000 download the leaks. 500,000 like it and decide to become viewers of the show. 500,000 decide not to. — So the TV airing have gained 500k constant viewers instead of getting 1,000,000 on week one, and then the next week having that drop dramatically by 50%, which doesn’t look good.

Get what I mean?

That’s a post on a site devoted to a TV series whose pilot has already been leaked. (No, I won’t provide a link or other details. Except to say it’s a pilot for ABC — uh, a rival broadcast network!)

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