NBC: Leak Journeyman NOW! Early Reports NOT Good!

August 15, 2007

“Goddammit, this show should have been on ABC instead!”

This site links to several early reviews (spoilers inside!) of NBC’s Journeyman.

NBC is killing the show’s chances by not leaking it!

Update: Someone has a Journeyman blog!

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WTF Of The Day: A Flickr Moment

August 15, 2007

I bloody wish!

iPhone: AT&T Bill Delivered In A BOX!

August 15, 2007

IPHONE BILL — YouTube video







Bah. The hell with e-billing! (I just got a paper statement from my new bank, despite having online account access! Now that is sick!)

Man, buy an iPhone and help kill mankind. How great is that?!

Appeasement In Our Time

August 15, 2007

Via Drudge:

Bishop urges Christians to call God ‘Allah’
Catholic leader believes it would help ease tensions between religions

Why the fuck is it always the West that has to accommodate others? Soon we’ll be told that self-defense is an act of hatred!


Reference: Megavideo

August 15, 2007

Megavideo — bills itself as “Beats YouTube.”

Incompatible Compatible with Download Helper as of August 29, 2007. Requires $$ in order to download original video.


August 15, 2007

I’ve seen two more iPhones in the wild lately.

About two weeks ago I was scurrying along Canal Street and blocking the middle of the sidewalk — in broad frikkin daylight! — was some guy holding up his iPhone. He was accessing the Net on it!

Then last night on the subway, I see this huge bright screen playing video — it was a Suit watching some sort of financial video podcast on his iPhone!

To contrast with what used to be the most popular smartphone, the Treo — later last night on another subway line, I saw a woman looking at some built-in app on her Treo (probably Contacts). Then she put it away — and pulled out an iPod Mini to listen to music!

I can’t imagine an iPhone owner pulling out another device to listen to music, can you?

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eBooks On iPhone: HarperCollins Kicks In

August 15, 2007

Book excerpts to be viewed on iPhone

NEW YORK – The publishing world is linking up to the iPhone.

HarperCollins announced Wednesday that it had set up a special link, http://mobile.harpercollins.com, that will allow browsers to view excerpts from more than a dozen new releases, including Michael C. White’s “Soul Catcher” and Michael Korda’s “Ike,” a biography of President Eisenhower.

“Reaching consumers on mobile devices and the Internet is increasingly important for publishers,” Brian Murray, president of HarperCollins Publishers Worldwide, said in a statement that noted the publisher has some 10,000 titles already digitized.

Closer, but not good enough.

We need an iRead program, Apple. We need real eBooks on the iPhone!

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