Just Read & Next Reading: August 15 2007

Just Read:

Replay by Ken Grimwood
(a 2nd re-read)

Still reading:

About Time (short stories) by Jack Finney
(a re-read or 2nd re-read…)

Allegedly next up:
The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

Bonus: The Time Traveler’s Wife Prologue

I ripped through Replay very quickly. I’d forgotten most of it; the key part I remembered was the Starsea movie directed by Spielberg. Groundhog Day owes Grimwood’s estate lots and lots of money in my opinion. A false note that irritated me when I first read it was even more irritating this time: a machine-dispensed bottle of Coke did not cost twenty-five cents in 1963. It’s hard to believe now, but a quarter back then was a huge amount of money! I don’t know how to equate it with today’s money because current prices are just so damned screwy (for instance, a straight conversion, in my mind, of prices would make a $300 PDA just about $25-$30 back then — but I’m sure back then even that price would be too low.) I still liked the book but this time some of the writing really was like fingernails on a blackboard. I still recommend it too. Especially for anyone who is planning to watch Journeyman on NBC. At some point I will recount my own Replay-like adventure…


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