Welcome To Your Capitalist Future, Japan

Japan investigating ‘net cafe refugees’

Japan is launching its first study into so-called “Net cafe refugees,” young people who live in all-night lounges and are feared to become a new class of working poor, an official said Wednesday.

Japan’s omnipresent net cafes — equipped with sofas, drinks, computers and comic books — are designed for businessmen who want to slack off for a few hours or for commuters who missed their last trains home.

But Japan has been alarmed by growing reports of young day labourers who are staying in round-the-clock cafes rather than renting and living in apartments.

Originally, my headline was American future. But I disown the kind of brutal aynrand capitalistic shit that’s been practiced in America since the Reagan presidency. It’s not an American practice. It’s naked Dollar Uber Alles. It’s a money dictatorship every bit as brutal as the dictatorship of Nazi Germany — perhaps even moreso, because it’s not the result of one leader; it’s dispersed under the guise of The Market in order to absolve its fiercest practitioners of responsibility. All those American troops who died to liberate Europe — they should be brought back to life to liberate America from the Suits. We are not the nation they fought to preserve. And the money infection we have suffered under is the worse contagion mankind has ever faced. It will kill everyone unless it’s stopped. Everyone.

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