Fall Network TV Doom Watch List

The Top Five 2007/2008 Pilots Likely to be Yanked From the Air Prematurely

5. Pushing Daisies [ABC]
4. The Return of Jezebel James [FOX]
3. Life is Wild [The CW]

2. Journeyman [NBC]
1. Viva Laughlin [CBS]

He gives very good reasons for each. Viva Laughlin is dead in the water. As soon as I read that Viva Blackpool (nee Blackpool) was being morphed into an American series, my gag reflex kicked in. The same one that kicked in when I read Touching Evil was undergoing the same process. USA’s Touching Evil died (not soon enough!), and so will Viva Laughlin (one hopes after the first episode!)

What bothers me is seeing Journeyman at number 2! His timeslot reason makes sense (I haven’t watched Heroes nor do I plan to), but his critique of the series itself is troubling. So far, this has not been getting great reviews from those who got an advance viewing.

I have to wonder what sort of bubble NBC is living in that it’s not taking advantage of the Internet to get buzz going for Journeyman. Leak the goddammed thing, NBC! Leak it now!

You only get this one chance to get the buzz started. Once you fail, you can’t turn back the clock!

Stop believing the Journeyman ads, NBC!

Not for you, NBC! The time is now!

Reminder: someone has already started a Journeyman blog.

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