Preair Leak: Pilot Of CW’s Aliens In America

Aliens In America S01E00 Preair Pilot — veoh embedded Flash video




I don’t know anything about this show other than tripping across it and watching it.

Oh what an evil bastard this writer is. So, Americans — whoops!, make that white Americans — are all bigots? What kind of creature writes something like this? What America did this guy (gal?) grow up in?

A cold knife blade emblazoned with Fuck You is delivered beneath the few chuckles of this cloying and twee pilot.

I think even thoroughly-illiterate TV addicts will be smart enough to realize they’re being spit on. This will die quickly. And its failure will probably only reinforce the warped view of this country held by the mentally-twisted scripter.

Really, you bastard, if writing was like the army, I’d have you fucking court-martialed and shot. You are scum.


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