Band: The National

Last night I coincidentally wound up at South Street Seaport. I’d forgotten they were featuring free band concerts Friday evenings. As I approached the Seaport area, I heard this music that called to me. I couldn’t escape and went to investigate.

I wound up hearing a band called The National.

And they were killer.

I didn’t have a camera with me, so no photos.

Thanks to lousy weather, their 7PM start date apparently was an hour or so late, otherwise I would have missed them completely at the time I was passing by.

What kills me is that one of the songs they played, Fake Empire, is also on their MySpace page. Incredibly, as good as the recording is, it just pales in comparison to what I heard live. If they’re coming to your area — and their MySpace page lists an extensive tour happening — get out to see them. You’ll be damned glad you did.

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