MySpace Music: Feh!

Been bouncing around MySpace today looking for some more exciting music.

Something as exciting as stumbling across The Perfects or Planetakis or Venomentality or NoBarbies or other bands I have as MySpace Friends.

No bloody luck.

I’ve become more selective in which bands I will ask to be a Friend.

I’ve got six pages of Favorites — basically MySpace Profile bookmarks — all of bands which show some promise but don’t have more than a single song that I like. I don’t want to keep adding band after band as Friends because then I’ll start getting Bulletins from them. And then some of them might want mentions in this blog. And if they have only one song that I like… well, I don’t need such grief.

I guess I was very, very lucky in finding so much good music in my early MySpace sojourns.

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