Is It Time To Ban All Chinese Imports?

The latest outrage: Diabetic test strips counterfeited. Other possible medical testing kits too.



Counterfeit Product May Affect Diabetics

August 20, 2007 – The results of a recent investigation are prompting new concern about medical testing products made overseas.

Phony copies of blood testing strips used by millions of diabetics in the U.S. came from China. The counterfeit test strips were sold last year under the brand names “One-Touch Ultra” and “One-Touch” basic.

Johnson & Johnson’s Life Scan makes the real products. The company says it discovered the bogus strips after customers called to complain, and launched a worldwide search to find the source.

Many people with diabetes count on the strips to measure blood sugar levels and gauge how much insulin they need.

The counterfeit testing strips were imported from Halson Pharmaceutical in China. The owner is now in prison. But an online search reveals his company makes many tests… not just for diabetes. Pregnancy tests, HIV, and tuberculosis tests as well!

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