Another Cat Horror

Cats rescued from L.B. apartment
Officials say women kept animals in 1-bedroom unit; most are euthanized.

LONG BEACH – Animal Control officers removed 72 cats from a one-bedroom apartment on Monday after police noticed a strong urine odor wafting from the residence.

Police responded to a neighbor dispute call at about 4 p.m. Monday in an apartment complex at 635 E. Ninth St. When they arrived, they found an apartment teeming with roaches, living and dead cats and hundreds of garbage bags filled with trash and cat feces.

“The ammonia smell was just overwhelming,” said Sgt. Steve Peltier of Long Beach Animal Control, one of several officers working to remove hundreds of trash bags, cat carriers and the rest of the cats on Tuesday.

Of fifty-four cats initially pulled out, fifty-two had to be euthanized!

People like them think they’re helping the cats by giving them shelter and food. But too many times they are doing nothing more than creating a feline Auschwitz. The cats contract diseases and suffer.

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