China: Now It’s Deadly Blankets & Filthy Chopsticks

Hey, China, this shit is getting old!

Latest China Scare: Dirty Chopsticks
Beijing Factory Recycled Used Chopsticks, Sold Up to 100,000 Pairs a Day

BEIJING (Reuters) – A Beijing factory recycled used chopsticks and sold up to 100,000 pairs a day without any form of disinfection, a newspaper said on Wednesday, the latest in a string of Chinese food and product safety scares.

Counterfeit, shoddy and dangerous products are widespread in China, whose exports have been rocked in recent months by a spate of safety scandals, ranging from pet food to medicine, tires, toothpaste and toys.

Officials raided the factory and seized about half a million pairs of recycled disposable bamboo chopsticks and a packaging machine, the Beijing News said.

The owner, identified only by his surname Wu, said he had sold the recycled chopsticks for 0.04 yuan a pair and made an average of about 1,000 yuan ($130) a day.

Wu, who had no license to sell the goods, said he had sold 100,000 pairs a day when business was good.

Chinese blankets recalled over chemical

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – Chinese-made blankets containing high levels of formaldehyde have been recalled across Australia and New Zealand, the distributor said Wednesday, amid rising global concern over the safety of products from China.

The voluntary recall by Australia-based Charles Parsons came two days after New Zealand launched a probe of Chinese-made clothing after scientists found dangerous levels of formaldehyde in woolen and cotton garments.

The New Zealand Ministry of Consumer Affairs said Wednesday it would start a program to test for formaldehyde in clothes next week as part of its probe, while acknowledging the country had no standard for formaldehyde levels in textiles — a concern of retailers.

A range of Chinese exports — from pet food to toothpaste — have come under international scrutiny in recent months. Toy company Mattel Inc. issued its second recall of Chinese-made toys this summer because of lead-tainted paint and tiny magnets that could be swallowed by children.

Formaldehyde — a chemical preservative that gives a permanent press effect to clothes and is also used as an embalming fluid — can cause problems ranging from skin rashes to cancer.


Hey, China, listen up and listen good: You have the Olympics coming up next year. How’d you like the entire West to boycott it? How’d you like to have no athletes from the West? How’d you like to have cancellations of all those hotel rooms that have been booked? How’d you like to be ostracized even worse than the old Soviet Union was when Reagan banned our athletes from competing?

How’d you like to go from this:


To this:


Guess what? That’s where you’re going!

You better start reassuring the world by making it a national — and very public — policy to exterminate counterfeiting and poisonous products. We better start seeing some very big raids and some televised executions.

You know who’s doing this. Now stop them.

Additional: Boycott Made In China newsroom

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