Heather: Today’s Wrap-Up

According to published reports:

Heather Johnston has to wear an ankle monitor, undergo regular drug testing, and still has to live under a curfew.

She has been working a six-day-a-week job at a telemarketer for a vacuum cleaner sales company. She earns $200/week plus commissions.

The prosecution:

Assistant District Attorney Jason Samuels recommended a sentence of three years in prison and seven years’ probation. He also recommended that she pay $9,964 in restitution to Bank of America and that she testify against her co-defendants. Police recovered $1,002 from Johnston when she was arrested, Samuels said. He also recommended that she serve 12 months on the marijuana charge.

Four people were involved and she has to account for all monetary restitution? All I will say right now is that must be an error. The prosecution should also keep in mind that Heather entered a plea of guilty. The other three are still stonewalling under pleas of not guilty.

Don’t let them rattle you, Heather. Things will work out.

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