Heather: WCSH6-TV Video Report & Transcript

Tearful “Barbie Bandit” Pleads Guilty

Update/Correction: The source of the video is WSB-TV. I was also able to fill in a transcript gap.

The link to the video is the boxed text.


Questioner (unlear if this is her lawyer or the prosecutor): If you had stayed where you were, going down the path you were, where do you think you would be?


Heather: Well, uh, probably dead or, ah, just not good off. Um, I do regret what I did and I wish I could take it back, every day. But I can’t. [inaudible] I don’t have a time machine. So I can’t take it back. But it has turned my life around, in so many ways. I have my family back.


Lawyer Clay Thompson: Right now, she plead to Theft By Taking.

Reporter: Plead guilty?

Thompson: Plead guilty to Theft By Taking.


Reporter (v.o.): Her lawyer Clay Thompson says Heather Johnston will stay on bond and on an ankle monitor, pending sentencing. But that’s far better than where she was before she took part in the so-called Barbie Bandit bank theft in February. She says her arrest was a wake-up call from a life that had gone awry.


Judge Staley: The sensible thing to do is to let those other cases resolve, then we’ll come back, I’ll take your arguments and then I’ll make a decision about what the punishment’s going to be, because obviously, you have behaved in a criminal manner.

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