Engadget Snags The Attention Of Autistic Palm, Inc.

Engadget published Dear Palm: It’s time for an intervention

Basically, it’s nothing new.

Allegedly, Ed Colligan replied on the Palm Blog.

My post on the Palm Blog (let’s see if it’s ever made public!):

Just a few questions for Ed:

1) Are you insane?

2) Are you that out of touch with reality?

What Engadget has put in one post has been said for YEARS over and over again at Palm Infocenter — which used to be *the* sites for PalmOS enthusiasts. As Fake Steve Jobs might say, Have You Heard Of It?

JKOnTheRun has a great reaction to you:

>>>That statement sums up Palm’s problem in a single sentence. You see, Mr. Colligan, the rest of the industry began to fight at least seven years ago. You’d better train awfully hard for this fight.

Palm has a sad new marketing campaign that is blanketing New York City: It’s A Palm Thing.

What is particularly hilarious about this campaign is its history, which is apparently something Palm doesn’t know. Their slogan is based on the saying that was coined in the 1980s: “It’s a black thing. You wouldn’t understand it.”

So, if it’s a Palm thing, I guess we won’t understand it.

That would be par for the course. No one has understood Palm for years and years and years.

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